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Replacing a DPF? You’ll Need An Expert

In the ever changing world of motor vehicle development comes with it stricter controls on emission devices.  Euro influences in this sector have been apparent for years in the petrol market with the increasing standards of factory catalytic converters.  So too, we are seeing the influence on how manufacturers are cleaning up emissions in diesel vehicles and this is being done in a very big, expensive and complicated way.

Manifold Vs Extractors

One of the most common questions we have been asked over the years is what is the difference between a stock manifold and extractors/headers? Although technically they perform the same function, channelling exhaust gases from the cylinder head into the exhaust system, they have different qualities that may be beneficial, depending on your needs.

Sports vs Stock… bigger always better?

Hate to burst your bubble guys but while there are numerous genuine benefits to a bigger exhaust system, going overkill on size could be one of the biggest and most costly mistakes you'll make.

Sure, bigger pipe size and straight through muffler internals = better flow, BUT, in the highly technical world of performance exhaust enhancements, one thing remains the same....the need for backpressure. Without this, you ain't goin' anywhere.

Replacing your Catalytic Converter – causing a toxic reaction amongst consumers!

To put it bluntly, a catalytic converter, although a sensible and completely justifiable device when it comes to controlling vehicle emissions can be a real pain in the hip pocket when you are called on to replace a faulty one (or two or three!!). Chances are that you'll find it hard to breathe when your willingness to support clean air will be dampened by your need get this device replaced on a budget and get your car back on the road as soon as possible.....without investing in your car more than it's actually worth!